Gable Boxes

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Gable Boxes

Take a step forward and stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching gable box (also known as a barn box). Our wholesale gable boxes make for very handy packaging, and the color options allow for plenty of creative ways to get your business noticed. The barn boxes can be used for food packaging, lunch boxes, gifts, and so much more!

  • Gable Boxes are versatile containers which give the benefits of a bag and a box in one attractive package
  • Our large gable boxes can be used for food service, gifts, lunch boxes, delis, and restaurants
  • With a large variety of sizes, all shapes and sizes of food will have a gable gift box to fit it all
  • Many different designs and sizes available
  • Metallic finish gable boxes are a real eye-catcher
  • Ask us about getting your logo put on one today!

If you’re looking for small gable boxes for sale, then today is your lucky day. These traditional style boxes all have a handle and can handle a wide variety of small products or gifts. They resemble little lunch boxes, and we do mean “little”! Even our large gable box is small so please request a sample first. You’ve seen these boxes a hundred times before, but certainly not in all the incredible colors and patterns we offer.

Gable Boxes are available from Bayley’s Boxes in three sizes:

• Mini (appx size 3″x2″x2″)
• Small (appx size 4″x2½”x2½”)
• Large (appx size 4½”x3″x3″)


We know of a couple casinos that fill our small gable boxes for sale with flavored popcorn to give to their VIPs. Cha-Ching! They keep a supply of these wholesale, small gift boxes on hand and always have them at their fingertips as the need arises. Sometimes it’s the smallest of friendly gestures that will make the largest impression.


Common dоеѕn’t hаvе tо bе ordinary. Gable shaped wedding favor boxes аllоw fоr a good amount оf space fоr a variety оf small wedding favors, рluѕ outer surface area fоr customization ѕuсh аѕ stamped images, logos, оr оthеr information. Free your imagination and you’ll find lots of cool uses. These small gable boxes for sale are the perfect container for gifts, party favors, and more, and are exactly what you need to add style, flair and a certain wow factor to your gift giving packaging.

These gable boxes are available in many colors and patterns, many of which are unique to Essia. Almost any color you can imagine is currently in stock. Various shades of blue, green and red are currently on our shelves ready to be rushed to you with always fast shipping. All Essia’s Boxes are shipped flat and include simple assembly instructions. In other words, yes, we have small gable boxes for sale.