Jewelry Boxes

We will build a world on box


ESSIA is a team full of energy and innovation.
ESSIA offers all kinds of boxes with good quality for customers. Also help customers to extend business. Our mission is to help customers success through products and service.
ESSIA offers very competitive price to help you cut cost and increase profits.


Specialize in designing and developing innovative boxes and packaging for your products
ESSIA will handle all details of the order on your behalf, providing fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.
With low MOQ, you can market test your business ideas before your final decision. Essia helps you to monitor and control your risks.

You will be offered thousands of boxes, boost your business!

 OEM processing solution

1. You can use your brand to process;

2, you can process according to your sample;

3, you can customize the processing according to your needs;

The company can not only meet the batch customization of the enterprise, but also realize the customization of small groups or individual consumer groups. The content of the packaging design can be constantly changed for its specific consumer objects, so that the packaging has different visual effects.

Complete process

Our packaging has a complete process from the selection of raw materials, processing and production of components to the final product of hot stamping, inspection and confirmation. Each link has a special person to control and confirm, to ensure that each link can meet the specific requirements and quality standards of the guests.

Beautiful products

We pack a variety of packaging boxes, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, cartons and tin boxes can be made, and beautifully crafted, beautiful and generous, to enhance the quality of the product, add beauty.

In short, no matter small box or big box, quality is the first; no matter how complicated or simple, it is based on excellent credit.


The company is fully equipped and meets various technical indicators. Pneumatic bronzing machines, ovens, paper cutters, punching machines and other professional equipments are available. With a number of innovative technologies to achieve better productivity and superior packaging quality, product quality has been obtained. Quality management system certification ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

The company not only has good stand-alone performance, but also has many types of equipment, thus forming a series of fleets and generating strong production capacity. In the past three years, we have also introduced 6 automatic box-packing machines, which can produce more than 10,000 boxes per day. The annual output of decorative boxes has increased by more than 20 million. It is not difficult to imagine that Fucheng’s one-year box can really be wrapped around. The earth is a few laps.

In addition, we are also equipped with a new 3D printer, which not only has a fast forming speed, but also improves efficiency and stable printing.

 One-stop service for OEM processing solutions

To provide you with a full range of packaging solutions,

No matter what style and material you need,

From designing logo layouts to production shipments, we will arrange for dedicated personnel to follow up the product and provide a one-stop service from design to finished packaging.

Perfect craftsmanship creates a perfect package;

The delivery time is timely, and all processes are followed up by professionals.

Find the problem and solve it in the first time. Send the box to your hand according to the quality and quantity during the development time!