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Rigid Boxes With Lift Off Lid

Rigid Boxes are considered a high-end product in packaging. With a non-collapsible chipboard bottom and cover, they are one of the strongest, yet elegant styles of packaging available today. Rigid boxes are great as cosmetic boxes,game sets boxes,jewelry boxes,apparel boxes,candy boxes,candle boxes,gift sets boxes and more end. Rigid boxes come in many styles that can meet different ends easily.Two piece rigid boxes with lift off lid are popular styles,they are easy to open and close,coming in any shape to fit your ends and products.Any color–whether your art work is spot pantone color,solid pantone color 100% ink coverage, or cmyk full color–can be printed on rigid boxes for your branding and marketing.

As rigid boxes manufacturer and wholesaler,Gift Boxes Mart specialize in manufacturing quality rigid boxes,including two piece rigid boxes with lift off lid,set up boxes with lift off lid,specification is in below


  • Material: we use eco friendly paper board,chipboard to build rigid boxes tray,very strong to offer good protection as well as quality feel.Paper board weight range from 800g to 3000g,
  • Wrapped Paper:we offer various paper to cover rigid tray for different looking of your rigid boxes,options include art paper,kraft paper,white kraft paper,special paper.You can choose different wrapped paper to meet your demand.the characteristics of different wrapped paper is —Art paper is great to print,kraft paper have natural feel,special paper have elegant finish.
  • Printing: we can print any color on rigid boxes,100% ink coverage,colored lining is available
  • Print Finishes: hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish can print and highlight your custom logo,as well as add quality and luxurious feel on your boxes and your products
  • Size: custom made, any size is available
  • Shape: any shape is available–square,rectangle,oval,round…..
  • Insert: we offer custom insert,options include die cut paper insert,eva foam insert,silk ribbon insert,velvet insert and more
  • Quantity: any quantity is acceptable,no rum limit

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Rigid boxes are considered as high end quality packaging boxes,they offer strong construction to protect any products,luxurious,quality looking to represent business and product the best,rigid boxes are great as cosmetic boxes,jewelry boxes,apparel boxes,candy boxes,candle boxes,gift set boxes,game set boxes,DVD set boxes,book cover,and more ends.As rigid boxes manufacturer,Gift Boxes Mart specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes coming in different style including tray,tray with sleeve,two piece with lift off lid,neck boxes,shoulder boxes,clamshell boxes,hinged lid boxes,slipcase and more.Those rigid boxes can be built by below items:
1 Material: made of heavyweight quality paper board,weight range from 800g,1000g,to 2500g to build very strong tray
2 Wrapping Paper: we offer huge choices stock wrapped paper,popular options include art paper, kraft paper,white kraft paper,
                                  special paper  with different texture
3 Print: we can print any color on rigid boxes outside and inside,100% ink coverage
4 Print Finishes: glossy lamination,matt lamination,varnish coating,hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish
5 Size & Shape: any size and shape is available
6 Quantity: short run is available, high quality,cheap price,fast turnaround
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