Custom Printed Labels

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Small Business Labels Made Simple

Custom label printers aren’t hard to find, but finding one that easily delivers what your small business needs is. Essia has been helping small businesses get the labels they need to succeed for 10 years. More than just print your labels, we help you create them with an expert service staff to provide guidance and advice, and a creative art team to produce great label designs that fit your brand.

We understand our customers don’t know technical printing terms, nor should they. We do away with the tech terms and speak your language. And if you don’t understand something, we take the time to explain it. You’ll feel fully involved in the process of creating your labels and satisfied that you got exactly what you wanted.

Too often, small businesses are made to feel like a small fish when compared to their vendor’s other customers, but since we only work with small businesses, each customer is a big fish to us.

Our focus on what you and your small business need to succeed is what makes us The Small Business Label Specialists.


Are you familiar with print-to-die registration? How about high initial-tack rubber based adhesive or spot color gamut? Unless you are a label printer or a veteran label purchaser, probably not – and why should you?

For most businesses, dealing with any vendor requires you to become an expert in their specialty. You are expected to understand technical terms and adapt your way of doing business to what suits them. This is not an issue for big companies with marketing departments, expert purchasers and huge budgets to making sure their orders are produced without issue. For small businesses though, the lack of these resources means you need to become an expert just to make sure things get done right. You shouldn’t have to be an expert in someone else’s business to get what you need to run your own.

For a label you can be proud of, at a price you’ll be happy with, and a process that speaks your language, give us a call.