Custom Printed Paper Bags

We will build a world on box


Since excellent packaging helps to display goods, it helps consumers to recognize purchase, carry and use, stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase, and thus promote sales. Therefore, people often use packaging design as product design. The product packaging is called silent salesman. The exquisite packaging can bring higher quality shopping enjoyment to customers and increase the market value of products! Essia has accumulated professional production technology for many years and has been deeply researched in the market. Whether it’s an early plastic bag, a non-woven bag, or a fashionable Lingyu Global Kraft Paper Bag, we are committed to leading the trend in the packaging industry, presenting fashion and environmental protection to major companies.


The company has the world’s most advanced machinery and equipment. From prepress design, plate making, printing and postpress processing, it introduces a whole set of international Heidelberg equipment, which can provide customers with efficient and beautiful printing products and solutions.

The company’s business includes: packaging color box, styrofoam, carton, pearl cotton, paper corner, etc.

The company has strong technical force and excellent production equipment. There are dozens of mechanical equipments for film blowing, printing, sealing and cutting; more than a dozen engineers and technicians and technicians with comprehensive technology; and hundreds of business customers. Processing and production of PE, PO, PP. OPP blank bags, various printing bags, three-side sealing compound bags, medium-sealed composite bags, and other types of packaging plastic bags, bubble bags, wrapping film, environmental protection and anti-static bags, Aluminized bags, etc.

The company integrates production and sales into one, and has developed a sound management system with a scientific management model. With high-quality products and excellent service, we win the trust of our customers. Adhere to the credibility of the supremacy, pursue the business philosophy of people-oriented, customer first, quality satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, and actively promote the full use of environmental protection, so that products are exported to Asia, Europe and the United States and other places.

In the endless struggle, our company will adhere to the principle of satisfactory quality, keep making progress, and sincerely welcome customers from all over the world. As always, we will go hand in hand with our customers and work together towards a brighter future.