Organza Bags & Jute Pouches

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Organza bags are an inexpensive way to spice up your packaging. They are a staple among many crafters and handmade jewelry artists. The delicate feel of organza bags is the perfect appeal to the senses for small gifts, and the see through fabric delights the recipient by offering a teaser of the treasure within. If you like our organza bags you may want to check out our full line of fabric bags as well.

Incredible selection of Organza Bags with satin ribbon drawstrings. 19 stock colors available in 4 sizes, including patterns and wine bottle sizes.
Also, check out our new natural jute pouches!

Organza Bags

We have in-house facility for design development including, printing/stitching & final inspection while export worthy packing.

We believe in building in partnership with our all valued customers and strive for 100% satisfaction or a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reasons for buying Jute Articles

Plastic is increasingly being banned worldwide due to it being an environment hazard and to reduce global warming.
So more and more people have a reason to buy Jute bags and other articles.

Jute is 100% natural vegetable renewable fiber.

This century old tradition is sustainable & assists the local economics of West Bengal ( India ).

Enter the world of this magic fiber. Discover for yourself and find out umpteen number of reasons as to why one should buy an article made of jute. This is, of course, irrespective of whether you are a distributor, a retailer, an institutional buyer or a final consumer.

In each of the cases there are a variety of factors which would inevitably allow one to choose a jute article for personal use as well as a product for sale as merchandise goods.


Let us first see why a consumer would like to buy a jute article:

It is Eco friendly.

It is reusable.

It is durable, long lasting and can be subjected to rough use.

It can be recycled.

It is multipurpose.

It can carry more weight as compared to conventional carry bags.

It occupies less space.

It does not need regular washing with virtually no maintenance.

As its stronger then paper & cotton hence cost effective so do not much tax your pocket.

It is easily available.

It is good looking and pleasing to your eyes.

Its adds to your complete collection of bags, in size & shape with durability.

It gives you an image of Eco-conscious and aware human being.

Retailer & Distributor:

It is readily accessible. No stock-out situation and hence aggrieved customer situation is totally eliminated.

Low unit price and hence more value for money.

No maintenance required.

Can be used for promotional purpose.

Can be used in direct as well as institutional sales.

No spoilage in storage or in transit.

No quota problem.

High rate of return per unit weight.

Unaffected by GATT & UNCTAD.

Working capital blockage insignificant and hence higher operating efficiency and better financial management.

Ready demand for the product and hence high take off ratio resulting in more liquidity in business. Thus forced selling is not required.

With sharp increase in economic activity travel luggage business is set for a boom. Cash on the positive market development. Position your product appropriately and spin money in the process.

Value added products with cotton & leather with jute enhance the product variety and attract a larger customer base. Thus business synergy is maintained and the customer base is broadened.

Promotional Tool:

One of the most salient use of the jute articles, specially jute shopping bags is as a promotional tool employed by various organizations.

Low value.

Long lasting.

Reusable and hence long life of advertisement.

Any kind of design, logo & imprint can be done as required.